Reconnect to the untamed essence within you

It's time to shed the old layers, my friends.
Time to step into our WILD truth, intuition, and potential.

△  Are you an open-hearted creative with a powerful vision for your life’s purpose and impact?
△  Have you been holding onto past stories and layers of yourself that no longer serve your growth? 
△  Do your creativity, intuition, and inner power YEARN to be unleashed in your life and into the world?
△  Do you long to feel rejuvenated and reconnected to a natural, endless source of energy?
△  Have you craved a detox from the digital world, and the time and space to go within to reclaim your vibrancy, vitality, and sense of really KNOWING yourself? 
△  Do you seek a like-minded tribe of heart-centered creatives and change-makers? 

If this is you... Consider this your invitation to come HOME.

The Rewild Retreat

November 30 – December 3, 2018 

Rejuvenating and nourishing your body. Shedding old layers and stepping boldly into the new. Becoming more deeply rooted into self & spirit. Laughing, growing, sharing, and connecting with a gorgeous heart-centered tribe. Recognizing and recalibrating with your unique wildness. 

We’re gathering a powerful group of creatives, leaders, artists, healers, and visionaries to reboot our bodies and minds, deeply reconnect to ourselves and each other, and reveal a new, vibrantly inspired state of being back into the world.

Our journey will unfold at Om Waters, an exquisite floating retreat center in Sri Lanna National Park, uniquely immersed in the lush natural environment of northern Thailand. You’ll wake each day to the tranquil waters lapping right up to your doorstep, and spend your days immersing in mind-opening workshops, connective practices, and energizing creative and healing activities. 

You’ll leave the Rewild Retreat feeling rejuvenated and inspired, more present, aware, and connected to life, and equipped with a variety of tools to connect more deeply with yourself, others, and the world around you.

We’ll Explore…

△ Movement
△ Mindfulness
△ Creative expression
△ Self-inquiry
△ Deep connection
△ Energy healing
△ Eco-immersion

Sample Daily Schedule // Activities

6:30 am: Silence + Journaling
7:30 - 8:45 am:
Yoga + Meditation
9:00 - 10:00 am: Vegetarian Breakfast
10:00 am - 1:00 pm: Rewilding Journey (w/ break)
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm: Vegetarian Lunch
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm: Free time/swimming/kayaking
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm:
Creative workshops/activities
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm: Healing space/Skill share
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm: Vegetarian Dinner
8:15 pm - 9:30 pm: Evening circle, connective activities
9:30 pm: Quiet time

Our Rewilding Journey

Through a flowing three phases, we'll collectively come back to a state of creativity, revitalized energy, and high vibrational being:

As we immerse into our natural surroundings, we’ll let go of what we no longer need and awaken our senses to receive what we do need. We’ll learn how to align with our natural rhythms and energy, become vibrantly present, and clear our physical and mental energies. You’ll dive into your deepest dreams and visions for your life, and emerge with clarity around your truth and purpose in the world. In this first phase, you’ll gain tools for deep self-connection and nourishment, create powerful rejuvenating rituals, and come home into your wildly alive body and soul. 

A deeply fulfilling life is one where connection is a main focus. Once we’ve reattuned our natural energies, we’ll move into reconnecting deeply with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. You’ll learn how to express yourself authentically, connect deeply in the tribe, and create harmony amidst yourself and the world around you. We’ll explore tools in Authentic Relating, energy healing, and awakening an energy of exploration and play so that you can emerge back into the world in a full state of power and inner clarity. 

This stage is all about integrating our experience so you can move into the world fully charged, creative, and empowered. We’ll explore the creative and embodied practices of intuitive movement and vision boarding, reflecting on a higher vision for our purpose, and collectively reveal our true, rewilded essences out into the world. You’ll leave with tools to carry your new, vibrant state back out into your life, so you can live your true purpose and make YOUR unique impact in the world. 

What's Included:

Transportation to and from Chiang Mai city center
Boat ride to and from Om Waters
4 days and 3 nights accommodation at Om Waters floating Eco-lodge
3 delicious vegetarian meals daily, dinner on Friday, and brunch on Monday
Daily yoga and meditation classes
All daily workshops and activities
△ Kayaking, paddleboarding, and tubing
All tools, materials, and resources for your Rewilding Journey
△ Post-retreat energy integration session with Kristen
△ The opportunity to offer up your gifts through skill share time
A powerful like-minded tribe of creators and soul-seekers
...and more surprises!

Our Accommodation

Om Waters Floating Retreat Center is a peaceful, open-air eco-lodge situated deep into nature in Sri Lanna National Park. You'll be off the grid, enjoying vast starry skies, breathtaking sunsets, and the tranquil peace of living right on the water. During free time hours, you can explore the conscious books in the library, relax in the hammocks, and splash around with tubes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards.

You will be sharing a living space with one other participant in our rustic and cozy dorm-style accommodation.

The Food

We are so blessed to have one of Chiang Mai's very BEST vegetarian chefs joining us for the Rewild Retreat! The team at Imm Aim Vegetarian Restaurant will be creating 3 gorgeous and abundant organic meals daily – we can promise you, you WON'T go hungry! This is an opportunity to nourish your body completely, detoxify from processed foods, and come back to a state of vibrance through clean delicious eating.

You Will Leave With:

Increased energy and vitality
Enhanced creative inspiration and energy
Rejuvenation and reconnection to the natural world
A deeper connection to yourself and your intuition
Tools to connect deeply and authentically with others
New movement and mindfulness practices
Greater consciousness and awareness
Increased freedom from energetic blocks
A state of connection and flow
A gorgeous vision board to visualize your year ahead
A new soul family of powerful creators
Inspiration and fire to move forward in your purpose and path

Shots From Our Past Adventures...

Meet Kristen

Kristen is a certified holistic mindset and wellness coach, RYT-200 yoga instructor, and healer with a passion for bringing people back to their most powerful essence, purpose, and truth within. In her events, workshops and programs, Kristen weaves together her background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with training in holistic health coaching, yoga, energy healing and mindfulness-based therapy. 

Her coaching and healing approach combines a unique array of tools, models, and philosophies that she has gained and studied over 10 years of traveling and working in personal development. She believes we all hold a deep wisdom in our bodies, and incorporates movement and embodiment practices into the journey of personal transformation.

Kristen's coaching work is intuitive, empathetic, and a dynamic blend of psychology and spirituality that empowers her clients to build a deeper, loving relationship with themselves, and to take action on the path to fulfilling their true potential. She adores holding spaces for groups on retreats, and believes they are one of the most powerful containers for transformation.

Love from past participants!

Kristen’s Soul on Fire Retreat was amazing. I can’t even explain how much magic there was and how beautifully it all came together with the people, the teachers, the exercises, the adventures, the food, the mix of work and relaxation. It all just added up to such a magical weekend.

Over these 4 days, I went from Closed Mike to Open Mike! I came into this feeling introverted and in my head, and the shared journey and adventures and yoga and ceremony and creative exercises cracked open my heart and allowed me to be relaxed and open and really flowing both in my personal and professional development.

Kristen is an awesome facilitator who really created a transformational space for us all on the retreat. She possesses the perfect blend of being a strong leader with great skills (especially yoga!), but also an equal member of the family we formed together.
Mike Iskandar

I was AMAZED at the intense bonds that were made at the Soul on Fire Retreat in such a short time! We became just like a 24-hour family. This retreat was an incredible experience – great workshops, insanely beautiful location, and amazing yoga classes. There was such an ease to the days – I felt like I was really growing, expanding, and connecting the entire time.

Kristen is an amazing facilitator who creates beautiful space for transformation. She’s truly in her element when guiding a group – her openness, availability, and passion for sharing this work is such a special experience.

Janie Lin
Chief Evangelist at MESG

Praise For Kristen's Coaching + Teaching

What I love about your coaching is your presence, your attention, and focus... there aren't many people who have that gift, so it's very special to connect with someone who sees you and hears your truth! I felt like you saw in me what what I couldn't see in myself, and was what blocking me for all those years.

Since you opened my eyes to my truth I now wake up every morning with a lighter heart because now I know what's my purpose. You helped me to see the potential in me and that's a beautiful gift to give to anyone in this world! And finally you helped me to find a business ideas that is related to my story and my life experiences which is what I have been looking for, for so many years!
Judith Gregoire
Wellness Teacher
Kristen’s yoga classes were amongst the best I’ve ever attended. Her attention to each student’s needs (and consequent adaptation of poses), to their wellbeing throughout the class, to the sequence and pace of the class, was excellent every time.

In addition, she is adept at ensuring that every person feels welcome and safe, no matter their experience level, and her personal warmth quickly puts everyone at ease! Kristen is truly gifted as a yoga instructor - in an industry where there are many people who don’t belong in it, she is one of the few who really do, who push the bar for what yoga can be for each individual and as a collective experience.
Steph Lisa Kelly
Coach and Designer

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